Corsair Dominator overclock

Hey guys ive never really had much luck overclocking ram. I recently got some dominator ram and am curious as to what i should overclock. I do a lot of gaming and net surfing so im wondering what is better to overclock the timings or the clock speed. I have the 8GBx2 kit and right now am running 1866 with 9-9-9-27 timings. I have a 8350 with a crosshair V. 

I'd try to hit 2133mHz at the same timings, same voltage. Those modules are great for overclocking. Yuo could tighten your secondary nad tertiary timings as well, try dropping your CL to 8-9-9-25 or something, and hit around 2000mHz, but really, 1866mHz CL9 is plenty fast as it is.