Corsair 250D clearance

Has anyone here had any experience with the corsair 250D in terms of clearance.

I previously had a bitfenix prodigy but my DVD drive and GPU would not fit inside so I ended up taking the side panel off so my GPU fans didn't scrape against it.

So the main thing I want to know is if my MSI gtx 770 will fit inside the case without having the fans touch the side panel as I know the case supports its length but I am not sure about its width.


I also have an asus p8z77-i deluxe motherboard with its attached daughterboard which I believe is going to be the main problem here.

There shouldn't be any problems. This build: uses the Gtx 770 twin frozer without problem. And this build: used the z87 impact, which uses a similar daughterboard and has no problems :)