Corrupted hard drive on old Dell laptop

Gravity here, longtime lurker first time poster blah blah. I booted my laptop up this afternoon after a few days of not using it to be welcomed with a monthly windows fuck you, and a corrupted drive error. After letting the machine do what it could to reorient itself it finally booted successfully and was able to login perfectly fine. Should I just pull what I need, and see if I can fix it, or just chalk it up to natural HDD failure and get a new machine?

Try installing Crystal Disk Info. Do be careful as it does come with some bloatware. So make sure to not just click next.etc.etc. Once you get it installed, run it and it'll tell you how your hard drive is doing. You'll either get Good/Caution/Bad. You'll also see the power on count, power on time, make/model, and everything else. If it's anything but good, you need to backup the drive and replace it. Also if it's a western digital or Seagate model. You can also download their tool and test your drive as well. Hope this helps!

Thanks I'll try this out after I finish working on some stuff on my desktop.