Corrupt partition, file recovery help

So, I think I encountered the same problem. I am currently on an Ubuntu Live CD (USB) but it appears that I cannot mount the drive. I do not know how to do it from the terminal and it does not appear in the launcher (sidebar). Any ideas/suggestions?

P.S. I did merge the partitions of the drive in Windows and believe I defragged the drive afterwards.

@stevenbarta09 try using Photorec you could get it from the ubuntu repos.

U wot m8?
Anyway, what was the file system? OS tells you it doesn't recognize it. If it's this new ReFS thingamajig - I think you're out of luck.

So, it is NTFS (I am normally running Windows). And if you run disk manager in Windows you can extend a volume with another existing volume (partition) as long as it is converted to a dynamic drive. However, this seems to still keep the partitions but show it to you as if it is one (idk, windows is kinda dumb sometimes).

Here are some pics fore reference:

Currently I am running a data recovery software in Windows which seems to work (wondershare data recovery - google search for Photorec led me to this). It seems the only problem now will be sorting the found files and copying the ones I need - it should be much fun :), can't wait (y)

I moved your issue to a new topic so it can get better help if needed.