Corporate Altruism?!

Just came across this story about a Japanese train company that travels to remote station every day just so one schoolgirl can get to class.

Altruism? Or marketing?

I say they are just doing a good thing. Corporations can do good things and just because doing something good is beneficial to corporate image, doesn't mean that the good deed is any less valid.

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Little bit of both. Lots of companies do good deeds and it isn't marketed.

It is a good deed. Usually it is small companies who might do these kinds of things, where there are no big hierarchies. I am not used to seeing this kind of thing from big corporations, as -it seems- they have no feelings, at least the corporations on this side of the world.

Japan <3

As much as people like to make fun of how weird and different it is, their culture does have some perks.

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