⚠ Coronavirus and You. Offical Resources and Information

Information on Coronavirus

Below are a list of official information from government an health organisations. These may include information on the virus in your country, its spread, information about how to keep your self safe, and information on what the government may be asking you to do to help.

Current resources are listed for the following countries:

  • United Kingdom :uk:
  • United States :us:
  • Belgium :belgium:
  • Germany :de:
  • New Zealand :new_zealand:

If you have official information for your country that can be added, please PM me.

General World Health Organisation Information:

United Kingdom :uk:

NHS Health Information:

Symptom checker


UK Gov Advice & Guidance, including what you need to do

List of Guidance

Latest government announcements

United States :us:

Note: In the US, individual states may have imposed additional restrictions of guidance on citizens. You should check your local government website for information.


Latest Updates

Canada :canada:




Awareness Resources


Belgium :belgium:

Dedicated site for virus related information (multiple languages)


Germany :de:

Government Information

Robert Koch Institute


Fact Sheet


New Zealand :new_zealand:

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Remember, wash you hands people.

If you’ve not seen the recommendation, well now you have.

But why?

Washing your hands achieves two goals in this case. Apart from just being hygienic, properly washing your hands with soap (any soap, there’s no difference) lifts dirt, grease and microbes from your skin making them nice and clean.

In the case of this new virus, it is apparently enveloped in a lipid membrane layer which apparently is a type of fat. soap cuts through fat = soap is chemical warfare weapon :radioactive: against coronavirus! (i like to think that at least)

So wash your hands you disgusting animals. We all know who you are!

More reading:





First off, guys, thanks for posting the useful information here! You champs! :clap:

Just wanted to say to all my fellow nerds, if anyone needs a chat during these chaotic times, even if it’s just to blow off some steam, DM me, anytime!

I’m working from home & I feel like I’ve got way more spare time than what I’d usually have due to the absence of commuting. It’s pretty damn quite nice, I’ve spent a lot of time catching up on the current state of the tech community that isn’t 100% work related!


I’ve unlocked this topic now that it’s unpinned. Feel free to chat. I will make the topic a wiki if anyone wants to add additional resources for their country.

Please keep the resources to official sources only for your country in the wiki post.

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Was this video edited?

Please encourage people to not lick their damned fingers to hand people money, yes this happens everyday and yes I’m close to disinfecting people as a whole
A very distressed essential employee at a tractor store


China don’t mess around, see the dude on a segway!!!