Cores up, gaming time down, battery life down?

whether you guys have question that if there is a link between the numbers of core and the games smoothness before buying any smartphone … 

I originally bought currently S3 because I thought quad-cores processor might support those large game easily, iis it true??


However before I purchased my it my friend cautioned me that more cores may drain more battery life so there might less gaming time! But what I knew is that more cores ought to save a cell phone battery life easier and I think quad-core phones can save battery life more than my former dual-core phones.

Because more cores cell phone will be turned off if the it is no need of high performance, but when we require a high performance, its system will decide to use one to four cores depending on the desired speed! Although my S3 battery life indeed not enough for me(played for about 1 hour and it went from full down to 65%...horrible!), but it is because my over heavy usage and thanks to its removable battery so I got myself a MPJ 6000mAh extended battery for extending gaming time and it satisfy me a lot. Also I compare it to my previous mobile phone which has similar devices with but only dual core, S3 even last longer when playing a same game for same time.


Acturally I think S3 is not wrose than other phones in battery life, should be enough for two full days of usage, or one full day for heavier usage.


Wandering if u agree with this view? n it would be great if anyone give me some fun but low power consumption game list? Thanks!


I saw somewhere that more cores can lead to more battery life in some cases. Due to the fact that there are more cores so they can run at a lower voltage and frequency