Coreboot: open source bios replacement?
So you you went to Linux, and now your looking to go full bore Richard Stallman :slight_smile:
Open source bios replacement for some mb’s.
Just become aware of it’s existence from an article:

So far 230 mb’s supported, including some sandy and ivy bridge and some phenom boards
If you have one laying around it might make a fun project.
Please note, I know zero about this and I can barely operate the computer they put in my truck, but it kinda looks cool, might even be fun to try on an old board I yanked from an emachines 1300

Coreboot has been around for a while and is used on expensive chromebooks. it’s nice but it’s not something anyone can just install like a Distro. it requires supported hardware. the Coreboot team has released a list of devices it supports it on but it’s not worth the hassle doing unless you buy a laptop that already has it.

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And then, there’s ME. (Management Engine).

Look at coreboot vs. libreboot

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Stallman and FSF (Free Software Foundation) endorse Libreboot, not Coreboot. Coreboot still has some binary blobs.

@Kat: Coreboot works on the Thinkpad T430 or X220 for example, and those can be very decent machines, and cheap to boot.

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