Core Temp

I just got Core Temp and I was messing around with it. A few questions. What is the highest temperature I should run at and what is "Tj. Max?" My Tj Max is listed at 105C. That's pretty hot. In fact it is idling (well I'm typing this) at 38C (100F). Intel 3630QM (Ivy Bridge i7). 0.8606V, ~3.9Watts. 

Second: Has anyone messed with the Android monitor? I could have my tablet sit next to my monitor and tell me temps while I game (unless I can leave my laptop screen on core temp / desktop while I game on the other. 8 threads so that part shouldn't suffer.)

I'll keep messing around but I need to be careful not to break this. It's all I have, College and all.

I sometimes use realtemp, they are the same thing pretty much. It should list highest temps, won't be able to see what they are in game, but can view them afterwards. TJ max is the highest it can go before the cpu craps out. Laptops usually run hot anyways.

So is the overheat protection a good thing to enable? I suppose I would prefer my computer sleeping without my permission rather than catching on fire. What temp would be good to set a warning at? I though 90 was the rule of thumb.

Also, define "crap out." Crash and shut down or catch on fire and premature upgrade time?

It should crash. Overheat protection might throttle it, 90C is the general rule of thumb to keep most cpus under. If your computer is sleeping it shouldn't be using that much power anyways. I leave the warning at 105C, it takes some work to get it that high. I don't think you can overclock it so you should be good to go.