Core P3 vs HighSpeed PC Half Deck Tech Station Vs Lian Li

I am looking to buy a test bench for quickly changing out testing and working on hardware. I was looking for opinions on which of these three would be good. The thermal take core P3 (standard pci slot mount not vertical), the HighSpeed PC Half-Deck Tech Station, and the Lian li PC-T60B.

Honestly, test benches are 100% worthless.

Find the cheapest piece of peg board, get yourself some screws, buy a bunch of Velcro strips and call it a day.

15 bucks at your local hardware store is all you need and in some cases a simple piece of peg board is easier to use than some of these 100 dollar + test benches.

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if you want a good case try this, it is the one i am currently using.

if you take off the pannels, it can make for a good testbench

wait for it to go on sale tho

Don't that also have a removable motherboard tray? I think it does...
But I was thinking about haf xb as well...

Yeah it does.
Just make sure that when you buy a PSU, that the PSU is not to long as when you do cable management or will be a pain