Core i7 3770k with Geforce 680 in computer build?

so i am planning on getting a new computer sooner or later and currently im looking for tips, opinions, and suggestions on wat to get for it, my budget is $1500 and so far im kinda dead set on getting the Intel Core i7 3770K for the processor ( and of course i will put a aftermarket cooler on it probly the Corsair H80 ( with Corsair SP120 fans ( Video card wise i was thinking of going with a single card the GTX 680 2gb GDDR5 from Gigabyte ( im not completely sold on the other parts of the build yet and i do have some parts already from previous builds such as the following:

ODD drive

8gb (2 x 4gb sticks) G.Skill Sniper Ram 1333

Rosewill Thor V2 Case

3 1080p monitors (usually play on the central one dont really use eyefinity much)

Intel 320 series 120gb SSD Sata 2 for the OS (am thinking about using this for the OS for this build and just getting a SATA 3 SSD for steam [im ok with waiting for boot up since i usually do things while its booting, however in game i dislike waiting for levels to load. or if im convinced i could just get one SSD for the everything) 


now some of the other parts im not competely sold on yet are these: 

Mobo: Asrock P67 Extreme4 (

SSD: OCZ Agility 3 (

PSU: Cougar SX850 (


i use my computer mostly for video editing and game playing, so im looking for smooth fps at high settings and also fast rendering with video editing software. thanks for all the help


other thoughts and edits:

thinking of getting another pair of Ram sticks to upgrade to 16gb of ram at 1333 Mhz

I have the 3770K and an EVGA GTX 680.

I haven't used the P67 chipset, but I've heard only good things about the Z77, so I'd go for that. I also have a personal dislike for Asrock, so I got an ASUS Z77 motherboard myself.

Your build sounds good to me.

Also for your SSD I'd go Kingston rather than OCZ, mostly personal preference, but I've hard some bad things about brands like Patriot. But I have heard that the new Samsung SSDs are really good and significantly cheaper (at least here in Australia).

I know nothing about Rosewill cases.

And personally I REALLY dislike the G.Skill sniper RAM, I think it looks silly and pretentious, but that's up to you. I'd still get Kingston RAM though.

I have a bit of a hard on for Kingston, but they've never let me down.