Core i5 2500k load temps

Hi all.


If you take a look at my profile, you will see how my system is set up.


I have a small query about my H100...

Ok, i run Phobya G silent 120mm fans, and these are practically silent.


I run my CPU at 4500mhz 24/7 and temps whilst gaming are around 45-55c (only Battlefield Bad Compnay 2 heats the CPU to 75c!)


Bad Company 2 is a large CPU hog, and will eat all of your CPU threads.


Now my issue is, i had a Noctua NH-U9B-SE2, and this gave me pretty much the exact same temps, and even managed a 5GHZ OC with benchmark loads...


My main uses:

Video editing/Encoding




So i do some pretty CPU heavy stuff... Encoding will heat my CPU to around 65c max..whereas Prime 95 will ramp my CPU as high as 82c.



So, how are these temps? please bare in mind, i am using silent fans, so RPM is around 800.

They aren't dangerous temps but a little high, not bad considering you're running your fans on silent. Over 90c though you'll want to worry.

I would never allow it to pass 85c on extreme loads, so 82c is perfectly fine, just wanted to share this with some of you :)

I prefer it to run warm and silent, than cool and loud....

And being under the limit is a bonus with silence :D

Your temps are fine. Typical/average temps on an h100 i5 2500k 4.5Ghz OC is around ~65-70°C full load stress testing. If I were you I would go with more pressure optimized fans like corsair SP undervolted, silverstone AP121/AP123 undervolted, or noctua NF-F12 undervolted. You could always try different TIMs as well as reseating if you feel you have an overheating problem.  

Ok cool, i have no worries then :)