Copying OS Only Onto new HDD

My hard drive is failing and I have a spare one from my old laptop that is working better and for the mean time I want to transfer just the OS onto the laptop hard drive. I would clone the entire drive the problem is my 2TB PC HDD has been filled up with 500GB of data but my laptop HDD is only 300GB so is there any way to isolate the OS and copy only that onto my laptop HDD and making sure it is bootable, Thanks for any help :)

Not that I know... If you could delete the not needed files first... Or make a separate partition on the drive to move the data on.

Hello Callen235 unfortanley I dont know the solution, but I think if you format the drive and then copy it over to the separate partition it could work. however the OS code could already be used. sorry if I didnt help. Love ya Chris xxx

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Lol fam. tell Will good luck with the HDD