Copy protection driver is not installed windows 10

hello i just recently downloaded windowss 10 and while going through my old games i found a game called İnfernal that i wanted to install and play again but when i try to launch the game it first says insert the disk and dont remove it during the game and the game doesnt start even though the game disk is in the tray after i close that prompt another one appears saying copy protection driver is not installed does anyone else have this problem and hopefully a solution

Some of the tricker early DRM methods are not supported in Windows 10. The way they work put deep hooks into the OS and Microsoft for security reasons did not continue support in Windows 10. You are I'm afraid bang out of luck, those disks will never work. You options are to see if you can find the pirated version of the game or repurchase it on GoG or Steam.

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thank you for the fast answer i just found a crack and installed it then the game starts up but after showing the dev logos it crashes

Witam ostanio też przypomniała mi się gra z dzieciństwa Infernal i chciałem sobie pograć i mam ten sam problem tez mam windows 10 udało ci się to jakoś naprawić? jeśli tak to proszę o pomoc

i couldnt get the game to work with the disc so i just downloaded a no CD patch

or you can downloaded a cracked version of the game

i also remember having some issues with a agei physx driver theres a steam community post about it but im not sure if it would still work but heres the link.

back in the day this behaviour was often caused by the antivirus blocking the copy protection. disabling the av was 1 solution.
but the most effective way way to bypass this was to get a cracked version.
saying that, you gotta be careful of droppers, diallers and trojans, as-well as coin-miners.

so if you can, get the drm free version.
would be my advice.

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