Copperhead, Guardian Project and F-Droid Partner to Build Open, Verifiably Secure Mobile Ecosystem

Three open-source projects haved joined together to announce a new partnership to create an open, verifiably secure mobile ecosystem of software, services and hardware. Led by the work of the Toronto-based CopperheadOS team on securing the core Android OS, Guardian Project and F-Droid have joined in to partner on envisioning and developing a full mobile ecosystem.

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Guardian Project

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I have been following the development of Guardian ROM on this forum however it seems there is only one guy working on the project which means the progress is extremely slow.

So seeing this makes me happy.

I tested the CopperheadOS when they were still using Cyanogenmod as their base. I had couple problems when they switched to AOSP and i installed cyanogenmod just to make my life little easier. Still following their developement tho.

Really liking F-Droid.