Copied an HDD to another HDD, windows won't login

I have been recently hearing disturbing/concerning sounds from my present hdd. So I decided before things fail I would copy the hdd to another hdd. 

My System:


120 SSD (OS)

1T Storage

However, I noticed in Easeus that the are listed both as primary and in a RAID configuration


I used easeus. Did an exact copy of the drive (existing)F: -> (newly created)E:

The initial reboot booted properly.

It wasn't until I fully shutdown and swapped the disks that I encountered the error "user profile cannot be loaded".

I then put in the original hdd for the time being and saw the same error.

I checked online for solutions and saw that forcing automatic system recovery to run would fix the problem. I did so on the original drive, with success.

I decided to try the same thing with the new drive, but it failed every time. I cannot move past the error "user profile cannot be loaded" on the new hdd.

 I don't know whether changing the drive letter from E: to F would fix the issue. But I wanted to wait and see responses on the forum before I do so. 

Any help would be great!


When you install windows it makes a small partition for some system files. You might want to check that that partition got copied over. If not perhaps you should do a fresh install on the new drive and then format that part of the drive to copy over the old install.

Just an idea

Wouldn't I see that partition when I look at it in EaseUS, or Disk Management? I only see one partition on the physical disk I am attempting to change out.