Coolmaster evo 212 cpu fan burnt smell

I was looking over my new build with my sabertooth 990fx motherboard and I notice a little smell. I went over the pc and checked the fans and the case fan was fine, but the cpu fan has having a little burnt smell on it.  I can see the fan is spinning in the right direction and is moving air. I smell the fan while it was off the heat sink and power was on and it did smell.

 i could smell it away from the case. in my chair. the case was right next to me on the computer desk. there is a spot for it with the desk.

the part is new and was sitting in a box untouched till i put it in this build.

should i replace the fan?

I had the same problem with my stock fan. i just swapped mine out for a NF-F12 and the smell went away.