CoolIT Eco or Corsair H50?

I have been wanting a new cpu cooler for my i7 920 D0 for a while now and was set on a Corsair H50. I then seen a CoolIt Eco appear in a local computer shop, so I looked around the interwebz and in some reviews its better and in some its the same or a bit worse. The reason I am asking is because I can go get the Eco some time this week or next but I wont be able to get the Corsair H50 for at least another month (Dont have a debit card yet and dad wont let me spend more money on pc) as I will be receiving my debit card soon. it worth waiting and getting the H50 or just go for the Eco?

ECO all the way, the performance gets even better with a better fan. Though the stock one works fine.

Yep, I got the coolit eco, made blog about it some time ago.
put a nice fan and use push pull setup, works like a charm. :]]


eco definatly my friend just got his and it's a great overclocker plus asthetics wise it's much prettier then the h50

eco is totally badass.

That's pretty damn near to unanimous. I'm shocked.

hey guys I thought I would update you guys. I got the Eco today and have all ready seen a massive temp change between it and the stock. At idle I get about 30-42 on all cores and on 100% load its not going past 55-56 on all cores (stock clock). Green, I noticed on that blog post you have your 930 @ 4.2ghz, could you post the overclock settings for me so that I can get an idea of what to set mine at for 4ghz? Thanks for all the help on deciding guys, (Y).

Well, was 4.0 ghz
No chips perform the same and I have I7 930, but oh well.
Not much of advanced tweaking done.
First I was searching for a nice clock in evga ELEET, then I set that clock in bios.

turbo mode activated. :]

If he has a 920 C0, then he's looking at 1.4 - 1.46 volts for 4 GHz.

D0 i7 930 btw.

I have a 920 D0, and Green where those the only settings you changed cos I read somewhere that you need to change the uncore? Or something to match the ram frequency? Dunno if thats true.

Nah, that's only for more hardcore clocks...
Just crank up QPI (hmm ive already forgotten what that was again, but it's the new thing on x58 boards instad of using good ol' overclocking methods on 775).
QPI * multiplier = frequency

Well, my Rampage 2 Extreme doesn't do anything for you. Manual is Manual.
For me I need to set QPI clocks and volts, NB clocks and volts, Memory frequency, Memory timings, Uncore, CPU PLL, all of that bullshit. It's a pain in the ass.

Well ofcourse, but most of those volt settings dont need to be adjusted unless going for the extreme.
 I only adjusted Ram voltage and cpu.

So far I have managed 4ghz on 1.32500 volts, I will try later to lower it.


Turns out it wasn't stable, I have it @ 3.9 with 1.28750 volts and it has passed a Intel burn test on maximum stress level.

I have it stable @ 4ghz with a voltage of 1.29375. I have ran two Intel Burn tests on the max stress level and had prime95 running for about an hour. No crashes, errors or BSOD. Here is a screen shot of CPUZ.

I had to do all that crap just to get to 4004MHz.

Pain in the ass.