I am wondering what I should use for CPU cooling. I'm looking into getting an H60 to cool an I5-2500k(going to overclock and run bf3 and fraps). Should I get a fan/heatsink instead? 

Another side question... should I get an adata 128gb ssd and a western digital 1tb hdd or just get the ssd. I will be using fraps and I will have several games. Also if you could find a cheaper solution please tell me.

Adata ssd and western digital hdd: $110 on newegg


from what ive heard an h60 wont do much better than a good air cooler, esspecialy for the price.

i would get the hdd then buy a smaller ssd to use as a cache 

Thanks if you have any fan/heatsinks that would be good could you give my the name of it?


If you're going to be doing any kind of recording with FRAPS or anything else then get a 1 TB minimum HDD, especially if recording at 1080p. I've never used watercooling but from what I read when it comes to the H* lineup it's pretty much H100 or just get a decent air cooler. Linus explained this on one of his live streams about how cooling is about surface area and if your radiator is just a 140mm square with a fan on it then you're no further ahead than if you just got a heantsink/fan that would be equivalent in surface area.

Ok I'll check on getting one that is BIG


Ok I found 2 that seem like a good choice any thoughts?


P.S. I'm trying to keep it at or below $60

not sure if theyre worth the money over this one


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