Cooling Situation

So I'm currently watching the BeerGamesBeer stream and I realized my fans were incredibly loud. OK I usually get this whenI'm gaming because my Chassis and GPU fans are going running so it can get loud. But I'm watching a stream and my computer's been on for a couple hours, been on a game for 5 minutes and then watched the steam for a few hours.

Anyway I checked Open Hardware Monitor and saw this:



Fans are at full and temperature is somewhat high (I think) on the Motherboard and CPU. I have automatic setting in my UEFI to use AsRock's 'levels' from 1-9. (what they mean I have no idea) set at level 4 to keep it quiet and target temp to about 60oC so its ramping up I suppose.

I'm using an AMD A10 6800k which I know gets hot but surely not just by watching a stream on Firefox...


I'm rambling on but basically all I need is some advice on keeping this thing cool. I'm using stock setting on everything so i don't know how basic use makes it get as warm as this. The integrated GPU isn't being used as i have dedicated graphics.

Fans installed are 2 Cougar Vortex 120mm PWM fans exhausting at the back and top  and a Bitfenix stock at the front as an intake in a Bitfenix prodigy. Maybe I'm using he wrong setup. should I swap the intake with one of the exhausts or use more intakes? I'm clueless..

Any advice on cooling with this setup would be great thanks.

Also what temperature should everything be kept below anyway?

persoanlly i try to make sure i have positive pressure in my case (more fans input then output) im acutally running 5 in- 1 out + the p/s fan out.  speaking of which is your p/s blowiing into the case or out. if in id swap it its just un needed heat.  wiht my set up though the hottest item i have is my gpu and it hits 42oC max.


when it comes to what temps i'd research each part and see what the manufacturer says. somethings run hotter then others.  comparable graphics cards from nvidia and amd. amd run hotter

hope that helps a little.  also check your fans/filters and make sure they are clean. dust could be clogging them

Thanks for the advice mufforz.

I'm going to buy a Noctua 140mm fan at the front so the pressure levels out somewhat and my psu exhausts straight out so that isn't a problem gladly. Recently just cleaned everything and did some cable management. I also bumped up the target CPU temperature to 65oC so the fans don't ramp up so often now.