Cooling problem

hey guys im new to this forum but i just recently built my pc and i find everything runs a little to hot when just browsing the web my power supply normally doesnt turn on untill 32 degrees Celsius and at first i only hit that when i was playing far cry 3 or any other game and its always on even when web browsing thats how i know my case is running a bit hot also i have a fan controller which also tells me how hot it is does anyone know how i can keep my case a little bit cooler?   

bro. i would love to tell you what you can do but first we need to know a little more about your pc. tell me the exact make and model of every component in your pc.

my specs are an 

i5 5470 

16gb ram g.skill 

corsair gs800

evga gtx 760 sc 4gb 

deepcool gammaxx 300

1 120mm blue led fan (exhaust)

1 140mm green led top (intake)

1 120mm blue led top (intake)

1 140mm green led fan front (intake but its mostly just to cool down the hard drive)

my case is a zalman z11 plus 


one, your power suppy turns on it's FAN according to it's own temperature readings, meaning your PSU is getting hot so now the fan is turning on. doesnt have much to do with your system in generally unless your PSU is pulling air from inside your case and blowing it out.  it could be that the weather is warmer where ever you are so the PSU fan is turning on earlier? how long have you had the psu? maybe it's just old and it gets warmer faster now?


how hot is your CPU running under idle and load? what readings are you getting exactly from the fan controller? maybe you have TOO much positive pressure in your system and your one 120mm exhuast cant keep up? lots and lots of variables to try and consider. 

and usually the top fans are made to exhaust since hot air rises and that's where the hot air will be when it wants to get out. hope this helps. and three cheers to the tek.

everythings brand new i just built it like just a month ago and its winter where i am so quite cold here i dont get the cpu temp but my gpus temp is anywhere from 36 when web browsing 42 - 45 when under load and so what fans should i fix to make everything  work


you usually want something like this

air can also be coming in from the bottom if you have that option. and it's usually best to have the PSU sucking in air from outside your case and blowing that out the back of itself.


so then take the two top fans and turn them into exhausts ok thanks man anything else you would recommend to do?

not really, just make sure your PSU is oriented with the fan facing down, so it's sucking air from outside your case and blowing it out the back of itself.

and if it wouldnt be to much to ask do you think you could explain positive and negative pressure sorry im new to all of this went from console to this and trying to learn everything thanks.