Cooling overhead on stock coolers

I am thinking of doing some light overclocking  so (say) a Noctua U series would be more than adequate, but I am totally over-killing and going for a Noctua D14.  This got me to thinking would I get away with the stock cooler for this light overclock (maybe as little as that provided via ASUS' TPU button)?   What sort of overhead, cooling wise, is there in a stock air cooler?   Not being a hard-core gamer I think most water cooling is a leak waiting to happen, apart from Aio s which have cost, finding space and (possibly) noise concerns.

Specs? Stock coolers for haswell, ivy, am3 8/6core arent worth a pinch of sh*t for oc'ing unless your ambient temps are really low. Any review for your cpu will show this.

You're getting a D14 anyway so why even bother with the stock cooler option?

WC leaks 'waiting to happen' is very debatable. I've had loops in rigs for over a decade now and have never had a leak just happen. Thats why one leak tests upon re-filling/setting up a loop.

I am not using the stock cooler was just musing would it have sufficed if it was used.

The 4930K doesn't even have a stock cooler but 'ordinary' Hasswells do

As regards the loop, gamers may well be prepared to test (and if a leak is found) rejig their loop and live with the (may be quite small IDK) chance of a leak developing but I am not.


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For stock coolers, your overhead is pretty much what ever overclock you can get at stock voltages. Other than that, the stock coolers do not have enough headroom to handle a voltage boost that will make an unstable overclock, stable. You are more likely to end up will less performance in that case, due to throttling.