Cooling Nzxt Source 210

Hello, I was wondering what kind of fan setup I should use for the Nzxt source 210.

Setup - 6300(stock cooler)  idle temp 45 internet browsing temp 50 and gaming is around 60

          - MSI 280 -doesn't get higher than 45-50


I have 3 fans just from other pc adventures and i was wondering what would be the best configuration to get the coolest environment. Oh and i will be updating my cpu cooler to either a corsair h55 or cooler master seidon 120v.


I would like to get lower temps on my cpu

Get a quieter system

What cpu cooler would you recommend and how should i orientate my fans in the case



Well, if the bottom isn't being suffocated, it would be optimal to have the front/bottom as an intake and the top/back as an exhaust.  Make it sort of like a windtunnel with all the air moving in the same direction, while keeping in mind that hot air rises and cool air sinks.

ok which cpu cooler would you recommend?


I have a Phantom 820 which if I recall is basically a large 210 with phantom styling. I run a 200mm intake front and side, I could add another 200mm to the bottom (Which i should actually look at) I have a AIO water cooler from corsair, The h110 which is a dual 140mm rad AIO exhausting out the top. I also have a 140mm exausting out the back.

My system has a 4770k overclocked to 4.3 at 1.125v which idles at 4 degrees over ambient temp, 6 under basic usage and under 100% load is under 50 degrees.

I also have a bulky GTX 780 overclocked like hell (Well beyond stock limitations) outputting an extra 100 watts of heat and it idles at 33 give or take a few degrees and under load at 78-84 degrees. 

Obviously my cooling setup is overkill for your rig but a decent single fan aio for your rig and having positive preasure from the bottom and fdront exausting out the top and back is what you should look for. 

The performance of the corsair AIO's are great but dont expect the quietest system if you run their stock fans. Your better off grabbing some noctua fans or some of corsairs premium fans if you dont want cheap corsair fans.

The bonus with an AIO is it reduces the interior temps if your exhausting through the AIO. Leaving your GPU and other components a little cooler. Compared to an air cooler that does heat up the rest of the case somewhat. (Not usually anything to be worried about)

I would recommend the Hyper 212, but it's a really tight fit.  Check to see if people with the same motherboard and case can fit a Hyper 212.

I checked out some other forums and found that it wouldn't fit. I thought about going cm seidon 120v it should fit and where i go to college the average temp is 85* F in the dorms.