Cooling my stock FX6300

I have recently built my first PC build using an FX6300 and an Asrock 970 Extreme 4. Its been a month now and last week it shutdown on me suddenly. 

After reading and doing a lot of research, I came to the conclusion that it is either my PSU(Thermaltake TR2 600W) which failed or my CPU ran too hot as a cause for the shutdown. I monitored my temps using HWmonitor and saw my CPU socket temp was idling at 40-45C and ran upto 62C while running Dota2 (GPU is 7700 if that makes a difference).

I have done prime95 testing for 30 mins and it would reach a stable 64C max before I turn off the workers.

Currently I have a stock cooler and I am assuming this is my problem. In addition, since this is my first build and I followed Logan's tutorial video, not making good contact with the CPU could be a factor.

Can you guys recommend cooling options for this build. My case is the Corsair 300R if that helps with compatibility. I do not really want to spend much over $50 or $60. As long as I am buying an aftercooler, a silent and cool one would be my preference. I have no clue in the realms of watercooling if that is worthwhile for the future, I can consider it.

Any suggestions on my situation would be most appreciated. Thanks

Try the Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO. its like $35, best for the price.

I've looked at a lot of reviews about it and a lot of them recommend it for cooling, but noone mentions if the fan is loud. Is this on the quieter side than the stock or will it sound like a jet engine?

I am using the Hyper 212 fan on my H55 and its running around 1100 RPM If you want I can upload a sound test for you at low/mid/max RPM.

If that isn't so much trouble for you, that would be super awesome. A reference for others also I'm sure.

I am also interested in this subject. So if you don't mind, I will be lurking.


Sure =]

Just an update for anyone interested. I went ahead and installed an evo 212 ($29.99 at microcenter) in my case and the temps have become amazing. It now idles at 30-32C and maxes out at 47C on prime 95 after 60 mins of full load. Keep in mind my apartment is fairly warm.

I believe I have fixed my issue. The evo fan noise is not super quiet but is fair for me. Compared to stock fan it is absolutely fantastic.