Cooling Mod: CPU Socket Rear Mobo Cooling


  • Summer temps, and my room next to the garage raises the ambient temp in room, ergo, not conducive to cooling PC.

  • VRM & CPU socket are the most vulnerable to high temps.


  • Improve VRM and CPU socket temps (preferably below 70 Celsius) to get better OC stability

Materials Repurposed:

  • The VRM heatsink on the R9 290x PCS+ will be repurposed for the rear CPU socket
  • I have some spear Zalman VGA Ram Heatsinks that I scrapped from my hybrid Kraken G10 setup. This will be repurposed as rear mobo VRM heatsinks.

  • I have an Antec Spot Cool fan that I never actually found a real use use until now. My Corsair Air 540 Case, back side, will have plenty of room for this fan.

Mod Finished:

  • Sawed the excess part from the PCS+ vrm heatsink, used double sided tape on the metal contact and reused blue thermal tape from the GPU for the rear CPU socket contact. The durability of the double side tape under heat is a concern but will see how it goes.

  • All rear 8 rear VRMs are now covered by the Zalman GPU Ram heatsink, 1 for every 2.

  • The Antec Spot Cool fan is mounted on the ventilation grills.

  • Upclose of the fan and heatsinks.

Haven't tested yet but optimistic of what the results are going to be.

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Before I ended up switching jobs, I started in on plans to mod my case (Corsair 300R) to have a fan over the rear of my CPU socket. I got as far as drilling the mounting holes, and buying a Noctua NF-A9x14 PWM fan.

Keep us updated!

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