Cooling gpu and watt powah

i know gpus get hot when you use them especially if your running games at max settings. is there any real way to have your gpus cool down the tempature?  in addition to i am planning to have 2 gpus in the future, how would i know if i have enough watts power from my psu to support them (750W psu)

depends on gpu, but for the most part yes. 

umm, for gpus, you can install an aftermarket cooler, newegg has them.

and 750W should be good for dual gpu up to the 7950 or gtx 670 level

Regarding cooling; the best thing to do is to watercool the cards, but that's probably more than you'd be willing to spend, so I wouldn't really worry about it.

750w will handle two 7970s, so you'll be fine.

good to go with the 750... just get a modular of course :D