Cooling for my CPU

Heeey there !
I recently bought an I7 3770k but with the standard intel cooler . I wish to buy a better colling , since my point of buying this CPU was to overclock it . Now , here comes the question , what is the best cooling for the socket 1155 for about 100-110$ ? Also I wanted to go water cooling , i dunno if it's good or not . Other thing I want to point out is that I have a AeroCool VS-9 case , and I'm not sure if everything will fit in there . So , what are your opinions about with what should I go? 

Thanks in advance , and excuse my English , I'm form Poland :D

I'm gonna jump right in and reccomend a Corsair H100. It should fit in your case for your price range and is one of the best performers out there. You Should be able to get some hefty overclocks with it as well. Personally, I also think it looks epic. 

Hope I helped!

Of course you did , thank you ! :)