Cooling for my 8350

I'm stuck on what cpu cooler to get for my 8350 rig
I'm kind of on a budget under £40, I've seen the NOCTUA NH-D14 however is it worth it? or shall I just go for cooler master evo 212?

Do you plan on overclocking and do you care about noise?

I care about noise however dont plan on overclocking

if your not overclocking the stock cooler should be fine

I do not want the stock, it is apparently completely rubbish

If you don't plan on overclocking any aftermarket cooler should be fine. The evo 212 will be sufficient.

It's only rubbish if you plan to overclock


If you do not plan on overclocking, the both of those CPU coolers should be equally quiet or rather, the noctua won't be noticeably quite unless you overclock.

However if i do plan to go with noctua, whats better, noctua nh-d14 or noctua nh-u14s? my case is a corsair 200r with sabertooth 990fx motherboard

If you don;t plan on overclocking the expense of a noctua will be entirely unnecessary. If you really want to go with noctua any of them would be fine. Hell you could even go with the u12p without a problem.

That's rather wrong. I would really only use the stock cooler if you plan to under clock, or never put the system under much load. Well, maybe if you enjoy loud noises. It is really only designed to keep the CPU barely within its thermal threshold under full load at stock clocks and as a result, is very loud with the tiny fan they include.

I agree with this, stock coolers usually come with 70 mm fans and while it will keep your cpu cool it won't do it very well. It'll also sound like a wailing banshee under any kind of load. The last time I had a system with a stock cooler it was so loud I couldn't even pay attention to anything I was doing. The sound was so piericing it would often give me a headache.

I fully advocate aftermarket coolers but at the same time you don't need to get silly with it if you don't have to. I'm using a $20 cooler master in my system right now and it keeps everything under 60c at all times.

Is there any other cooler that better than the cooler master around that price?
also is this 212 silent? 

The 212 Evo is pretty highly regarded in terms of price and performance. Also nothing will ever be truly slience in terms of cooling. If you're moving air theres going to be sound. You probably wont notice it though. I use the Hyper T4 myself which is like the cheaper older version of the 212 Evo and I never notice the sound.