Cooling concerns regarding my first rig

I am working towards buying the parts for my first gaming rig and im pretty much following razetheworld's video on building a $1200 gaming PC with the AMD 8350 processor, just buying a few different things. Heres the video for reference: Im getting the same motherboard, I bought the AMD's Radeon 7970 Double Dissipation graphics card rather than the nVidia he suggested and Im going to get the Fractal Define r4 case that he suggests rather than one he chose for the build and heres a video of the case in case you dont know about it: I also got the AMD 8350 combo that comes with the heatink. Im planning on overclocking but not by much, just a bit so that default heatsink that comes with the 8350 can still keep it cool. The question I have though is that since Im getting the fractal define r4 case, which is made for sound dampening and has foam blocking all the vents in most places, would I need to buy additional 140mm fans to keep the inside cool? The case is wide which gives good airflow, the heatsink should keep the processor cool, the 7970 graphics card already has superior cooling in itself, ill most likely be taking out the top five hard drive bays, because the bottom three will be all i need when i first get the rig built, which will give it even more airflow, and the powersupply is installed on the bottom making the hot air vent out the bottom of the case. So it seems like everything should keep cool and the only fan i'll need is the 140mm fan the case comes with installed on the front. Since this is my first build and still learning about components of computers and such, I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something and if so, should i pull out the extra cash to get some more fans for the rig. Thanks.

The fractal define r4 case can fit up to 7 140mm or 120mm fans just buy some more fans

I think youve got your facts right man,you know your shit :D

just one suggestion:if you are overclocking and you are listening to logans toughts the Xigmatek dark knight is pretty cool or the cooler master hyper 212 evo chek those out for the CPU :)