Cooling at Tropical

I'll be building my rig soon (a month), and I'm thinking of the cooling I should need for it. I live in a tropical country so cooling is a must. I'll be using a core 1000 to house my a8 6600k and an r7 260x.  The case comes with the silent series fan r2 120mm as intake and the psu fan as the exhaust. I'll be using the NH-l9a to cool the a8. 

1. I don't need more fans right? xD I don't want to add because it will add to the cost and I'm on a tight budget but if it is a necessity I'll try to squeeze it in. Note Fans here are expensive.

2. What do you think would be my temps? assuming the ambient is (30C)and (27C)

3. Can I overclock with the l9a just a little bit? (I'm not going to if it can't but I just want to know)

4. Anything I can do to improve my cooling?

Note: the a8 will serve as athlon x4 760k since there is no available 760k in the Philippines :/ price difference $5 so I opted to the a8.

Thank you Guys! 

Overclocking with high ambient temps will be tricky. Do you have an air conditioner?

> Just grab another fan for exhaust if you do notice temps are a little steep - either a 92mm (rear) or 120mm (side). It will help a great deal in keeping ALL your components cool.

> Your non-oc temps will be really good. Even with the stock cooler it would be anything to worry about.

> You will be able to oc the shit out of that chip - around the 4.5ghz mark is easy enough. This will depend on you motherboards capability of course. As with any environment you going to have to pay attention to your load temps. Maybe set yourself a max cpu load temp of say 70c then oc till you hit that.

> More fans and a clean interior to maximize airflow.

Thanks for the feedback! Well for OC maybe just a little if it is attainable, but for now I think I will opt for just the turbo speed. OC later when I can afford a better cpu cooler and fans.

I will be gaming for the most part so the load temps are my real concerns. Is 55C attainable with the l9a? 

games: bioshock series, bf4, crysis3, fc3 AC, THIEF, MC and indies.

I think my mobo can handle OC it's an fm2a85x extreme4.

Yea I'll do that deejeta, check first the temps in stock config then add fans if the temps are steep. maybe a 120mm intake on the side.

No problem with clean interior, my guts always tells me to go nuts with cleaning things, it might be an OCD . self diagnosed xD

Thank you for you two!