Cooling and Overclocking Question

I've been wondering and thinking and wondering. In the NZXT Apollo case I will be getting I am going to put a MSI NX8600 GTS with a huge passive cooling system. (hint hint can be found here ) And I saw a review that someone overclocked it to 760 Core clock vs 675 stock. Now I don't want to get it that high I was just thinking in the 720 area. If I had 3 120mm fans (rear, side, bay) and a Antec spot cooling fan, ( found here ) and I adjusted this fan to blow air directly to the card would this be possible? I'll only have 2 hard drives and 2 CD/DVD drives and thats pretty much it.

Well its probably never good to overclock passive cards, but that much fans blowing at it u probably can overclock it. But you can always push the card so 760 core but it probably woudnt be that stable. just play around with it find the best setting that dosent give u a bsod

also the side fan would be right next to the card so that would help a lot