Cooling a Xeon X5650

Hi all,

I currently have an i7 920 and I recently ordered an unused Xeon X5650 to replace it.

I currently have a Gelid Tranquillo. Its nice, but a pain to fit the fan on and off.

I have a few options:

- Clean the Gelid and reuse.

- See if I can reuse the backplate

- Replace the whole thing.

The Gelid seems to use a fairly standard backplate with sprung screws that retain the tower in place.

I guess I am asking if for simplicity I could replace the heating sink, but reuse the mounting mechanism? I think it was lightly stuck on before screwing together. So after the years of operation it might be firmly attached to the back.

Any advice on a replacement appreciated.

I live in the UK.

Just reuse the current cooler if it works fine.