Cooling a reference amd r9 290

So I've decided to buy a amd r9 290 just because I thought that it was a better buy than paying and additional amount for something that performs a tad bit better (amd r9 290x). As for my question I'm asking you guys which way should I go about cooling it, should I use the kraken g10 in combination with a corsair h55 or an arctic cooling accelero hybrid? If you could me me your opinions it would be greatly appreciated because I don't want to hear a vacuum cleaner constantly running. Thanks!

Kraken G10 requires a separate heatsink for VRMs and capacitors, that is the only draw back from that AIO mounter. Accelero looks fucking ugly. Corsair HG10 is my choice, the mount covers the VRMs.

Ohh I did hear about the unveiling of this at computex now that I remember, but you know as to when this will be released to the market?

August here in USA.