Coolest thing to do with an iPod nano

I have an old iPod nano (3rd gen, the weird squarish video one). What is the most awesome thing I could do with it? I was thinking a light switch w/ dimmer would be pretty sweet. Make it glow, maybe even design an alarm that would turn on the lights...

If you can hack the hardware you can do just about anything with it.

How proprietary is the hardware? Could I use it and the assocaited charging / sync port to control something?

Buy about 100 or so more of ipod nanos and you could make a wall of tiny album art :P

OHOH. He could set each one to a differnt color and make nice 8/16 bit art!

Amusing but the goal was to not spend money and take advantage of the one I have. Could you make an accelerometer logger?

Tv remote would be killer but im sorry to say I have no idea of how to make that work lol maybe just get the smallest remote you can find and switch out the hardware. Maybe you have an older universal kickin around. 

I also have an old iPod nano 3rd gen.. But I don't have any creative idea what to do with it...