Coolers and ram clearance and mobos, oh my!


So I’m planning my first build (there’s another thread about that) but I have a specific question about cooler options and ram clearance (or lack thereof…)

My mobo choice is the Aorus x570 Master with a 3900x, and I’m planning on using Gskill Neo Trident ram (41mm high supposedly).

So for the cooler, I was orginally looking at the DH15, but that only has 33mm of clearance below the fan. Of course, then fan can be moved up, but that’s quite a ways to move it up. (The actual fins however, are substancially higher).

I then looked at the DarkRockPro4, which has 40mm of clearance, but I’m unsure as to how far up the fan can be moved. Not sure if the fan would hit the top cover or not. The DRP4 is a lot shorter though going towards the ram, so it might be ok… not sure how to find out.

Finally I then looked at the CoolerMaster MasterAir MA620M, which has not clearance issues, but it’s so new I can’t find any actual reviews as to how good it is.

So… which cooler?..

Side note, I might go with the 3950x instead, but… I will NOT be overclocking, other than very minor tweaks, if at all.

thanks for any insights on getting things that fit and keeping the cpu cool…

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