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Cooler Master V8 GTS vs Noctua NH-D15

i was talking about gaming.

And most cpu bound games, still benefit from higher clock speeds on fewer cores.
Which still makes the 4790K a better cpu for gaming, cause its 1 GHZ higher clocked out of the box,
which means better per core performance out of the box.

I have only one game in my collection that actually uses all cores equally. I have an overclocked 3770k. That game is Crysis 3, which is afaik also the only game to really benefit from an i7 so far. Do anyone know of other games that as effectively use all the CPU power available with an even distribution of workload between all physical/virtual cores?

I think we all can fully support the D15 and similar coolers.

What are your thoughts about a full WC loop thought? For about 150-175 you can have a decent wc loop that will actually outperform the D15.

I never said anything about needing water cooling for 2011 That is insane. I just maintain that it is ideal on larger die higher TDP chips due to the laws of thermal dynamics. As long as your cooling unit is able to handle the max heat spikes at load and the full load itself your good. Air cooling works well on 2011. And yes while you could put a NH-D15 on a stock 9590. I wouldn't, I own one and the Thermaltake water 3.0 ultimate (360mm rad) I have barely keeps it in check. To be fair it is overclocked some and the VRMs will overheat before that monster throttles down because of core temps, so that's a thing. Different problem. No 220 watt stock processors for noobs you will burn your house down!

For newer users and overclockers alike hear me! Water cooling is great, it's also expensive. AIOs are great they are relatively cheap, quiet, and effective. AIOs are not custom loops, you will not "max out a chip" on a AIO unless you have a dog with a really low voltage threshold. Therefore, high end air cooling ends up being very competitive with AIOs performance wise. On 1150, 1155, and FM2+ and basically any small die chipset this will hold true. On larger chipsets where it becomes a matter of the amount of heat rather then moving the heat away faster water cooling becomes more competitive when it comes to overclocking. While water cooling also transfers heat away faster it's a moot point, the real point is Air > AIO > H2O > Phase Change > LN2 > liquid helium.
No air cooler I am aware of made today competes at or above the level of a 280mm AIO, doesn't matter the chipset, doesn't matter what test. These 280mm AIOs can be had for around 110$ USD, a NH-D15 sells for around 90$ USD. is that 20$ worth the small increase in performance? Probably not, still some people (myself) would rather still have the bigger better thing. remember price for performance is king an AIO on sale is better then a V8 or a D15 at full price.

I'm using a new setup featuring a 5820k and DH-15.

I have no regrets at all. Easy to install (check your case size though). Overclocking was very straightforward (something which I've only tried a couple of times before). Got to 4.6Ghz with the Noctua fans on full at 1.275v at around 75c . Decided I wanted a quieter operation, so have taken it down to 4.4Ghz, at 1.260v at 68c, meaning I can run the fans in a standard curve, rather than turbo or full. I'll keep it this way on a day to day basis, then I may put it back to 4.6Ghz when encoding video when sound from the fans doesn't matter at all.

Do it, you wont regret it!

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