Cooler Master v700 Modular Cable Question

Hey Tek Syndicate! I have a quick question...

I have a Cooler Master v700 psu and one gpu. The two modular PCIe power cables that came with the psu each have two 6+2 pin connectors on them. Should I use both of the modular cables, using one of the 6+2 connectors per cable to power the graphics card or should I just use the two 6+2 pin connections on one cable?

Excuse my noobishness, but your help is needed!

(Yay! first post on Tek Syndicate...)

what is your GPU ? 

It's a EVGA/Nvidia GTX 780 Classified.

I would like to OC as well.

You should only need to use one cable but if you don't feel comfortable with using a single cable you can use two separate cables, but it should work fine on a single cable

That's what I figured. Why would they put two 6+2 pin connections on one PCIe cable if they couldn't supply enough power?

Thanks for your help!