Cooler Master Storm Stryker Fans Quiet?

I'm going to be upgrading to this case over the weekend. I just want to know if any of you know if the case fans that it comes with are quiet, or will I have to dish out some more cash to buy some quiet fans.

Please keep in mind that I want keep the white LED aesthetic to it; so if I have to change out the fans to quiet or silent ones please suggest a fan that has white LEDs or give me some tips on how to install LED white light strips.


Thanks : )

Swap em out anyway.  You should go for some Corsair LED fans if you want LED fans, if not, I hear some ok things about Cooler Master sickle slow fans, but never actually used em.

The case is almost $200, I'd hoped that I wouldn't have to.....especially the 200mm fan at the top.

I guess I'll just have to wait and see. The case comes with a built in fan controller so maybe if they are loud at full speed, I can make them silent with the fan controller .

So I got the case and I'm pleased to report that the fans that come with the case are very quiet!!!! The case comes with a fan controller so you can adjust the speeds depending on your needs. But the fans keep everything cool even on the lowest speed which is a HUGE plus. I'm glad that the fans were of great quality and very quiet.....near silent.