Cooler Master PSU question


My estimated watage is 364w. (According to PCPartPicker)

EDIT- My build--

Let me see your build.

I've heard dodgy things about Cooler Master PSU's.

For that price, I'd rather get a CX500M from Corsair for around $40. Atleast Corsair is a brand everyone can trust.

TrivTrav, we built you a system ages ago. You still trying to save money on that thing?

It is advisable to go with a 500-550W supply. It will accommodate the larger cards you will want to upgrade to.  Pick a PSU with a good OEM, like XFX. Their OEM is Seasonic, and XFX is cheap. Get a supply that has a good rated efficiency.

best psu on a budget is the xfx 450w its like $50 and it works great I put one in a freinds computer and it handles his overclocked fx6300 and overclocked hd7770 with out even reving up the fan under load.  Not to mention its a seasonic which is great

I'm not quite sure the CM PSUs deserve the bad press they get - I originally wanted a Corsair 650 but my local store was out of them, so on an impatient whim I bought a GX650. I've had it for about 4 years and over two builds, it's never missed a beat. And it was cheap.