Cooler Master i500

Does anyone know if this is a good PSU? I was originally going to go with the Corsair CX 500M but to save money I switched to this PSU. Can someone please tell me if this is a good PSU or if it will do bad stuff to my other components.


  • It's from a trustworthy brand - Means that certifications are actually verified
  • It's 80+ certified - High efficiency
  • It's modular - Good for cable management and, in turn, airflow
  • It has a single +12v rail - More reliable power output

You'll be fine.

What's your budget? Where are you purchasing from? What are you powering?

I (we) might direct you to something better. I am sure the i500 and CX500 are perfectly capable, but sometimes you can do better with your budget.

Are you sure it's modular? It says it's not:

My budget is around $500, however pushing it a little over ($520/$530ish) wouldn't be the end of the world. I'll be purchasing from newegg. Right now it will just have an APU and a standard 1TB hard drive but i will be adding a SSD (Samsung 840 Evo 120GB) and a GPU (Not sure yet) in the future. 

Never mind, you're correct, it's not modular. Honestly, modular power supplies are pretty awesome, can you not fork out an extra 5 bucks for the CX500M?

Depending on the GPU, you could do that with a CX430M, for $30 (after mail-in rebate)

Would a 430W PSU be able to power a XFX Radeon HD 7950? That's probably the best I would ever get in terms of GPU's.

I meant the PSU, not the build.

Anyway, why go with an APU when you can get quite a beefy system?

That will play most games on high settings at 1080p - possibly ultra. I'll let you decide what chassis you want to use. The build itself wouldn't use much more than 300W.

There's no GPUs that would comfortable run on the FM2 platform that would require anything larger than 400W. I personally wouldn't use a 7950 with an Athlon or APU.



Ok thanks for the suggestions. I'll put this all into consideration. Thanks again for the help!