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Cooler for 4.0 GHz on Ryzen 7 1700X



So I’m in the process of buying the remaining parts for my first PC build. I know it’s not very helpful that I have not picked out a motherboard yet. But I am looking at the x370/b450 boards.

Basically I know I will be psychologicallyl bothered if I cannot hit 4.0GHz. I would like some advice as to what cooler I should get.

I will mention that the case is a Corsair Carbide 275R as it may be helpful to know.

Thank you.


Are you looking for water or air?


I am open either option. Although I do not know much about water cooling atm.


Well, I run 1700X on the cheapest 240AIO I could get my hands on. It runs 50C 100% load with 30% fanspeed.
My point is, any decent cooler will do just fine.
You like Noctua? U12S/U14S, D14/D15 will be fine.
You like Cooler Master? I run their MasterLiquid 240 Lite… That’s 35€ 240AIO… 51C in the summer heat…
You like beQuiet? Any of their dual tower cooler will be just fine.
You like Arctic? Their 240AIO comes with 4 fans in push pull stock and they are quiet as fuck…
Seriously, any decent cooler will do.


Careful! The regular one doesn’t come with the AM4 mounting stuff.


Noctua D15 would work very well for air, simple and should fit in that case. You might get 4… my 1700 is running on another Noctua model not quite as beefy at 3.9 reliably.


True that…
Actually I am not sure anything but the Cooler Master comes with AM4 mounting brackets…


If you do accidentally get a non-AM4 Noctua, or want one without an AM4 edition, they’ll send you a free AM4 mounting kit with proof of purchase


iirc some other companies did that too during the launch of Ryzen.


You can cool it down just fine with the nh-u12s. But having had the direct comparison now I´d recommend the nh-u14s. Bought the 14s, because I felt bad about my server running the intel stock cooler.

Temps are really… about the same. Since fan curve made it be around 65° regardless. It´s just more quiet at it now. I might try to actually change that up a bit so it can hit 70°. Or try to do some negative voltage offset on the cpu. It´s deffinitely more quit now already under load. In idle either one was bearly noticeable.

However, 14s does interfear with the left most RAM slot on normal full sized ATX boards. But if you want to use all of your RAM slots you can just move the 14mm fan to the other side and if you want fans on both sides use a 12mm fan instead on the side the ram slots are located. The cooler itself does not interfear with anything. Just the fan does.

They had the nh-d15 in the store too. But I personally think it looks a bit redicolous when built into systems. Rather have a water cooler at this point. But to it´s credit it does outperform plenty of water coolers out there. So if you don´t mind it´s might and want the most silent system you can possibly achieve. Go for that.


Motherboards depending on the budget.
But the Asrock X370 Taichi, Asus X370-F strix are generally decent choices.
If you don’t really mind budget then in the upper price range Asus Crosshair VI Hero,
could be interesting.
The Asrock X370 Professional gaming is also a nice board.
But i personally did not found it really worth the extra price over the Taichi.

But of course you could also look at the X470 variants of those boards.

  • Asus Crosshair vII Hero.
  • Asrock X470 Taichi Ultimate.
  • Asrock X470 Taichi.

Can’t really go wrong with either one of those.


  • Asus X470-F strix.
  • Asus X470 Prime pro.


I think you might be in the wrong topic…


in terms of workloads what kind of workloads do you expect?

Most of cooling solutions won’t be able to deal with 4GHz high utilization for pro-longed times, including water.

It all depends how much voltage you’ll need to have stable 4GHz on 1700x.
In terms of most users, they’ll be only boosting using XFR, and won’t be running 4GHz on all cores at all times - so it wont be an issue.

my stable [email protected] on all cores and full load is far over any AIO solution (unless they are like 400-600mm rad or something.) I’m using winter negative temps, with rad outside to cool it down. (ambient -7’C, gives me 48’C on core with 24x7 100% workload)

(I wouldn’t need that voltage if i wanted to play games or something; but if you use it for compute 24x7 with use of SSE, and/or AVX - it will get hotter, and it will need more voltage to stay stable without BSOD’s)

It may be better to just go with 2700x.


Interesting. I would have thunk it´s more close to the 2700x in terms of cooling required at the same clockspeeds.


the 2700x tops up from what i’ve seen @4.4GHz at 1.4V so the silicon is much better, 4GHz @1.3V should be stable at heavy compute.


Well in the op stated that topic starter did not picked out a motherboard yet.
So i gave some recommendations.
If he has a board already, then i probably misread the op. :slight_smile:

But yeah in terms of coolers, i think many have given some decent recommendations already.


Ah sorry. Carry on.