I ordered watercooling parts the other day and I die coded to use distillers water. Are there any good dies that would be ok to use? Or could I just use like food coloring or something? Thanks

they sell dies on

Ok thanks. I don't want too place another order if I don't have to. If I put just a little bit of food colorizing will it build up in the blocks and stuff?

Food coloring will probably ferment and cause other issues than cloging your blocks...

Better order dyes made for WC. Most also contain an algicide.

would It be alright to run just a little bit of the pre mixxed coolant just for the color and the aditives in it?


I don't know much about watercooling but I hear from most people that you should just use colored tubing and regualr distilled water so there's no cloggin or whatever.

Ya thats what it is but I was foolish and ordered colored coolant and clear tubing D: so i was wondering if I used a little bit of the coolant, instead of paying 8 dollars for a dye, that it would color the liquid of and give me the aditives to kill the bacteria..?

I just spent over 6 hours yesterday looking for infos on various WC stuff (since I got almost everything I need now!)

What I found is that algicides, such as those based on copper sulfite are really bad for nickel-plated blocks and most clear tubings. It accelerates the oxidation of the plating and also accelerates the seeping of the plasticizer from the tube walls. In very short time (2-3 days), it covers the inner walls of everything plastic with an opaque white residue. If you don't mind the looks, it won't damage anything for at leat 6-9 months, when the coat is so thick it gets removed by the water and clogs the blocks.

The best current solution to avoid that is a silver coil (pure silver strip coiled and placed in the reservoir or in a tube). It will lessen the smoking/bluring of the tubes.

Also DON'T buy PrimoChill Pro series. They are known to have issues with this. Apparently the newer Advanced series don't have this problem as long as you don't add algicide to you mix (distilled and silver coil only).

Don't get caught in the "electrically neutral" bullshit. Perfect distillated water is extremely reactive and will become conductive the instant it hits one of your blocks. You would however need to keep you Ph level stable and as close to 7 as possible, preferably a bit above if you need to adjust it. Aquarium kits are great for that.

For your coloring issue, there is really nothing aside WC specific dyes that will work correctly. Especially if you want to keep your tubes clear, using food dyes would force you to add algicides since food dyes are made from organic coumpounds. And really, if you can't spend 8$ on a bottle of dyes, why are you WC anyways?