Cool things to do with an Ipad 4th gen?

Any cool ideas what to do with this? I hardly use it anymore and would like to have more use out of it.

You could Wendell-ify it.

This is that amazing monstrosity Logan had upfront of him in the old set

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Thats really cool but I can't really take it apart. Any ideas with software?


@Burrito1 I bought the display port board to do that, but never got around to actually doing it lol

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Secondary display for your PC, especially for laptops because can be easly carried around. Or you use it to "make music". It's not a professional tool I know but can be fun to mess around with all the music apps that are on iOS.

Trade it or sell it for something more useful to you. I keep one so that people at my house have internet access without touching my personal computers.

You can use it as a custom dashboard for your car. You can do more with android but its still worth a try.