Cool peripherals?

Hi there, Im looking to buy my first gaming PC soon. I was just wondering if there are any cool or useful additions or peripherals? For portability reasons I am getting a gaming laptop. I will use it on a desk when I am at home however. So what do you recommend, as fun/cool items to have and the necessaries? Eg: sound cards, keypads or whatever.

Thanks everyone.   

Well, if you are going to use a laptop, I recommend to start with getting a monitor to use at home because 14" at home is just lame.

I generally recommend this one

Because you are using a laptop, you should get a wireless mouse (another option is good wired mouse at home and cheap and small wireless mouse for school). I generally don't recommend wireless laser mice for gaming (they are more expensive, heavier, and have worse tracking compared to wired optical) but in case of using a laptop it's necessary evil. 

For any decent mouse you need a mousepad because surface of the desk never has proper friction for optimal mouse movement.