Cool only GPU without cooling the rest of the card?

Will I kill my graphics card if I only have a water block on the GPU of the card and not on the rest of the card? I know cooling has gotten to the point where the fans don’t spin up until they’re needed so I’m wondering if I only have a block on the chip itself only if I’ll be fine.

Depends on the capability of the VRM.
I would not chance running it passive. If there is already a small heatsink over hit, definitely get some direct air flow over it.

Most likely. You need to cool the memory models and most importantly the VRM power delivery system. You don’t want your power delivery to overheat…

The card I’m cooling is the ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1070 Ti AMP! Edition 8GB 256BIT GDDR5 - ZT-P10710C-10P. Without depending on a mount that holds onto the water block is there something that’ll brace a fan to the card?

Good ol’ zip ties will work just fine. As for sleek design, I am not entirely sure if anybody would make a fan mount besides the Asetek ones for AIO’s.
At that point, might as well go for the full block if available.

Would those small tape on heat sinks work or do they build up a lot more heat?

You mean something like this?

The memory modules should be fine. Not so sure about the VRMs though. My guess is you want to overclock and at that point the VRM system may need to be properly cooled. Just a guess though, but i would still want some active cooling for the power delivery…

I’m not really going to over clock it. I’m doing it more to have a silent system.