Cookie Cutter

Yeah, you can hate me after you realize a few hours have gone by...

Ok, i hate you now :D.... i am honestly scared this game will damage my mouse :(

I started this yesterday. Rocking over 80 million CPS, now. It's not even that fun, I just want a big number.

I'm at 51 million CPS right now, waiting to get an upgrade to bump that up quite a bit. It is terrible though; no matter how boring and stupid it is, you just can't seem to stop!

Losing grasp on reality..... slowly turning blue.......i am transforming...

"Me want cookie!",

I have been playing it for 3-4 days and i am at over 3 billion Cps.

Btw shouldn't chocolate milk be opaque?

I have over 200 grandmas; they make over 600k Cps by themselves.

From the wiki: 

"You can see how many Golden cookies you have clicked in the Stats menu. The menu also used to list how many Golden cookies have been missed, but Orteil removed that feature due too many players complaining that it's "messing with their OCD"".



Christmas in your family must be quite overwhelming 

Thank God they took that out....

i think i broke it =(

Finished that game.

Just need to write in Game.cookiesPs= and write what ever number you want after the equals sign and you finish it.