Conviluted Way of reaching Windows 10

Here is a list of relevant hardware:

I am currently looking into ways on installing windows 10 on a new build. I currently have a windows 7 pro CD and key that I would be using for the install. I know that there can be complications (no native NVME support on windows 7) and was wondering if this work around could work:

  1. Install Windows 7 to backup sata SSD.

  2. Download relevant drives to Windows 7 to allow for support of NVME storage. (I know of the drivers from Samsung. Is there a needed hotfix from Microsoft?)

  3. Mirror boot drive to NVME SSD. (Can this be done while using the drive as the boot or do i need to use a separate desktop for this?)

  4. Set NVME as boot and use Microsoft update utility to upgrade to windows 10.

Have you tried just installing Win10 and unlock it with the Win7 key?


Can confirm this works


Once my hardware comes I can try that. Would prefer this if i know it would work.

are you using 7 with that key on a machine already?

I am using the key on a backup desktop. It will be deactivated before I attempt this.

dont bother, just update that machine to 10 now, then clone the drive from the new machine to the new SSD and expand the volume if needed, then reactivate using the key.

I did this with a bunch of dell machines to some asrock deskminis running 3200gs. Saves you an install and the 7 key will activate.

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Sounds good. I’ll have a good opportunity to realize how much i dislike windows 10 before committing to it the following week.

pro tip:

  1. openshell
  1. shutup10

The rest is cake.


Actually, others have already said everything about …
Update 7 to 10 or install 10 with the key 7 / after installation, enter the key. Apparently it works.

Personally, I moved all machines at work through actualization using media creation tools, from 7 to 10, and keys worked without problems from 7.

If you have time and you want to play … Make a copy of W7, put it on the VM, make sure it is activated and make updates to 10. Make a copy of W10 and put it on bare metal, let it improve the configuration for new equipment…

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