Converting Access 97 databases... WHY GOD WHY?!?!

I work in IT at a small (<100 employees) company.

So today I'm at work, still settling in (just started a couple weeks ago), when my boss asks me if I know anything about Microsoft Access 97...


Long story short, I've got the job of converting about 2 dozen databases from 97 format to something 2013 can use.


these '97 databases use work-group user-based security within access, easy to handle, I just need to have the work-group information file these were setup with and open access again... and bam, I'm admin without any password. its easy enough work, just importing the objects into new fresh database files and testing them out.


HERE'S THE PROBLEM THOUGH, several tables within one database have no rights assigned... NONE. the owner of these objects is <unknown> and I cant read the data in the tables to import them into a new database. This is a legacy application that only handles old sales history dating from 1999 back.


I try and import them into a new database and I get the error:

"record(s) cannot be read; no read permission on 'objectnamehere'"



does any guru know a way I could assign a new owner and rights to these tables in VBA or something like that? I think that may be the only way to convert this database over.


 I'm open to other ways of converting this over, I just don't want to have to keep installing office 97 on everyone's computer.

can you abandon the data? since it's historical records, it might not even be important or relevant.

Sadly I cannot, they need each and every database.

I wish I could.

Create a new unsecured database and import all the objects from the old one.


good luck.


thanks for the good luck. I'll need it.