Convert Win 10 machine to Unraid VM? Or not?

Ok, so here is the situation. I am running a WIn10 machine (5820K, 16GB Ram, R9 390) and every now and then windows fucks up in one way or another (under win10 or win7). Resulting in me needing to re-do the whole OS. My question now is could i use Unraid as the operating system and run Win 10 in an VM? Could i use Unraid to create periodic backups, from which i could Restore? I am also running like 6 HDD and 1 SSD in the system without any redundancies. Unraid has the capability to "cluster" the Drives together to a single pool of Datastorage Right?

Would this approach with Unraid make any sense?

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Hey there. For your operating system troubles you might just want to do regular image backups of your system drive. It is probably easier to search and configure a tool that does that for you than to virtualize your system (maybe Acronis TrueImage or something).

To your questions:
Yes, unRAID or any other Hypervisor offers snapshots from which you can restore your VM.
Yes, unRAID offers using multiple drives as one storage pool. But it wipes the drives in the process of creating the storage pool. This is not a backup solution though.

Probably not. If all you want from Virtualization is the image backup, then you should probably just use an image backup software.

ok, thanks for the input. Could you recommend any backup software?

Not really.

I usually just take a Linux USB stick and make an image with dd which I pipe thorough pigz (a gzip implementation that has multi-core support) but that is only feasible with my small SSD (my WIN 10 lives on a 64 Gigabyte SSD).

I know that Acronis True Image does incremental images from inside Windows. Meaning: It only writes what has changed since the last backup, which saves both disk space and time.

ok, I will look into Acronis. thanks for the help