Convert mechanical keyboard to Dvorak

Something I discovered earlier today - if you have a mechanical keyboard you can easily convert to the Dvorak keyboard layout in about 10min. I cant make this post any longer because my typing has been reset to 0 WPM. Heres a video:




I do not think I can get past the new ctrl+c/v locations


this is true -HOWEVER - anyone wanting to do this be aware that many mechanical keyboards have keys designed for the standard placement.  The can be changed but their angles MAY mean that they will not all sit flush after a swap.  For example my Gigabyte Aivia keys are all messed up and uneven after swapping to dvorak.  YMMV

oh and windows key + space rotates through each keyboard setup in windows

Yeah they keys are slightly angled but its not super difficult to get used to. You could also just put some tape over the letters if you wanted to keep the angles

Yeah that would work - except for my backlighting ;)